US premiere of Matt Copson’s
“Last Days” at the LA Phil
6 Feb 2024. Los Angeles

Matt Copson’s opera “Last Days” makes its US debut at the Los Angeles Philharmonic, drawing inspiration from Gus Van Sant’s film of the same name.

“Last Days”, composed in one act by Oliver Leith and co-directed with Anna Morrisey, delves into the anguish that gave rise to a contemporary myth. The narrative centers around Blake (played by Agathe Rousselle), a successful musician fresh out of rehab, facing the pressure to resume touring. Upon returning home, his sanctuary is disrupted by a series of unwelcome guests, including a persistent delivery worker, two mission-bound Mormons, a chorus of opportunistic friends, and the ominous groundskeeper. Complicating matters are incessant phone calls from his manager, the presence of a private investigator, and a superfan stalking nearby. In response, Blake retreats, disconnecting from his surroundings. Amidst escalating chaos, a ghostly figure or magician appears, offering Blake an escape in the form of a bullet. Left alone to confront himself, Blake realizes he is existentially trapped. Choosing to end it all, his death marks the conclusion of the last days.


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