06 - 09 Sep, 2023. Seoul

Fair details:
Frieze Seoul 2023
Sept 6-9, 2023
Stand A27

Coex Convention Center Hall C
513 Yeongdong-Daero, Gangnam-Gu
06164, Seoul

Julien Creuzet
Orion Martin
Philipp Timischl

For Frieze Seoul 2023, High Art presents a group exhibition featuring works by Julien Creuzet, Orion Martin, Philipp Timischl and Orion Martin. The presentation highlights novel forms of syncretism in regards to both cultural and aesthetic processes.

Despite the distinctiveness of each artist and their unique œuvres, a common ground is discovered in their adept use of effective strategies to craft landscapes rich in hybridity and multiplicity. The resulting complexities, arising from the intricate interweaving of material and semiotic elements, defy linear trajectories and challenge conventional notions of purity. The act of reconciling disparate, and sometimes contradictory, entities within these works opens up the possibility for a potentiality in the reconfiguration of history, technology, and geography.

From Julien Creuzet’s polyphonic explorations of the diasporic experience to Orion Martin’s dreamlike bio-mechanical montages, the exhibition becomes a ecosystem for highlighting the remaining agency of heterogeneity. Through these works, the presentation prompts contemplation on what might endure and persist in terms of the influence and impact of diverse, multifaceted narratives. The artworks become agents in navigating the complex interplay of cultural, historical, and technological forces, emphasizing the enduring reality of diversity and multiplicity.

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