11 - 15 Oct, 2023. London

Fair details:
Frieze London
December 8-10, 2023
Stand C50

The Regent’s Park
London, UK

Héloïse Chassepot
Michael Ho
Charlotte Houette
Kentaro Kawabata
Masanori Tomita

For Frieze London 2023, High Art is delighted to present a group exhibition featuring gallery artists Héloïse Chassepot, Michael Ho, Charlotte Houette, Kentaro Kawabata and Masanori Tomita.

Bringing together artists from various geographic backgrounds and generations, the presentation focuses on trans-temporality, both as structural strategy in production processes and as aesthetic outcome.

What binds these diverse works together is their shared rejection of immobility in time, instead existing as expressions of simultaneity or in a state of perpetual transition. Reflecting a collective rejection of static temporal boundaries, the artworks on display embody a dynamic existence, either expressing simultaneity or residing in a continuous state of flux. This departure from a progressive temporalization associated with modernity introduces a nuanced perspective on multiplicity.

From Charlotte Houette’s physical compositions that intricately weave a tapestry of psychic states to Kentaro Kawabata’s biomorphic forms which evoke an uncanny, otherworldly presence, the artworks on display propose a space for reconsidered chronologies.

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