12 - 16 Oct, 2022. London

Fair details:
Frieze London
October 12-16, 2022
Booth B5

The Regent’s Park
London, UK

Julien Creuzet
Max Hooper Schneider
Cooper Jacoby
Orion Martin
Kentaro Kawabata

For Frieze London 2022, High Art is pleased to present a group presentation by gallery artists Max Hooper Schneider, Julien Creuzet, Kentaro Kawabata, Orion Martin and WangShui.

Showcasing new works that explore the intersection of corporeal identity and advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, the presentation aims to delve into the evolving understanding of human identity in the context of technological progress, specifically in the realms of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The artists’ works highlight the ways in which technology mediates and shapes our perception of the body, suggesting a reexamination of metaphysical aspects of subjectivity.

Despite each artist employing a distinct visual and material language, the common thread among the works lies in the use of fluidity and hybridization. These artistic elements serve as tools to represent contemporary territories of subjectivity and how individuals are portrayed. For instance, Julien Creuzet’s sculptures embody protean identities, while WangShui’s works involve AI-generated abstractions and beings.

The presentation creates a shared space where these diverse artworks collectively explore a horizon of being that is grounded in advanced algorithmic systems and ongoing computational iterations. This exploration opens up the possibility of a malleability in the boundaries of subjectivity, suggesting a potential redefinition and plasticity in our understanding of self in the face of technological advancements.

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