30 Nov - 04 Dec, 2021. Miami

Fair details:
Art Basel Miami Beach 2021
December 2-4
Booth C29

Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach Fl, 33139

Lucy Bull
Kentaro Kawabata

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2021, High Art is delighted to present a duo presentation by artists Kentaro Kawabata and Lucy Bull.

The presentation will focus on the equivalent relationship between human beings and their environment. Swerving among a variety of formal languages, the artworks will highlight forms of interconnections which go beyond the traditional dichotomy of the subject as active agent and nature as a subdued passive object of adaptation and representation. The installation will feature all new works including abstract/organic paintings by Lucy Bull and entropic sculptural works by Kentaro Kawabata.

Each through their own making and becoming, the artists defy the either/or structure of activity and passivity, channelling their natural environments as part of their practice and even identity. Rather than portraying their surroundings and placing themselves as sovereign subjects, they concede to nature’s role in their psychic existence, embracing what could be defined as a “gestational” approach to production, providing the conditions for unpredictable pluralities to flourish. The artworks resulting from this relationship to the environment appear to be infiltrated by a stream of fluxes and currents and operate as porous partitions traversed by chemical and biological processes, as well as cultural and historical consciousness.

The abstract/organic paintings by Lucy Bull do not originate from any given image but surge utterly from the artist’s instincts and feelings, tending toward the purest form of abstraction. The play with light, opacity and transparency seemingly exist on the edges of perception and representation, stretching the viewer’s imagination and fundamentally expressing a hardwired need to recognize one’s natural environment, even in the midst of unconditionally abstract and technological visions.

Kentaro Kawabata’s sculptural work supersedes the corporeal separation between inside and outside, rather functioning on a process of incorporation, or even ingestion, that ultimately transforms the identity of matter itself. Sometimes given to a kind of evolution, organic or otherwise, Kawabata’s biomorphic sculptures conjure body memories and even desires, activating processes of production, consumption and decadence, displacing the distinction between ‘form’ and ‘content’ or even ‘self’ and ‘other’.

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