26 - 30 Mar, 2024. Hong Kong

For Art Basel Hong Kong 2024, High Art is pleased to present a group exhibition by gallery artists Michael Ho, Willa Wasserman, Karla Kaplun.

Featuring all new works, the presentation will highlight the complex relationship between constructed identities and transhistorical narratives. Through their respective practices, the artists in the presentation navigate territories of identity as mutable geographies. But by retaining and acknowledging transhistorical narratives, both artists interpret networks of identity across both space and time, eluding generalized essentialisms and cultural reductions.

While Michael Ho’s work places his own inherited past, present and future at the heart of his production, often spotlighting anachronisms and social realities to construct objects of irreducibility, Willa Wasserman conjures and memorializes bodies and landscapes as a breathing library of shifting desire and selfhood.

High Art’s presentation will embrace manifold subjectivites, defined not through institutional bureaucracy but through lived experience, accounting for an interconnectedness that’s both alive and irreducible.

Willa Wasserman’s (b. 1990 in Evansville, USA. Lives and works in New York, USA) painting traffics in a state of continual emergence. Her figures are loose and diaphanous, at times unknowable, each charged by the small shifts in materiality and atmosphere that span her many surfaces (stretched linen, polished copper, brass, or otherwise). But rather than resolving into definition, the artist’s universe remains in flux: change and translucence are often themselves the defining forms. Dream-like silhouettes that slowly react over time suggest histories as well as futures of transitional selfhood. With great sensitivity, Wasserman’s artworks speak to the gossamer mechanisms through which sex and self are ceaselessly formed.

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