23 - 25 Mar, 2023. Hong Kong

Fair details:
Art Basel Hong Kong 2023
March 21-25, 2023
Stand 3C07

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai

Julien Creuzet
Max Hooper Schneider
Maryam Hoseini
Kentaro Kawabata
Mélanie Matranga
Willa Wasserman
Dena Yago

For Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, High Art is delighted to present a group presentation by gallery artists Julien Creuzet, Kentaro Kawabata, Max Hooper Schneider, Maryam Hoseini, Willa Wasserman, Mélanie Matranga, WangShui and Dena Yago.

Bringing together an ensemble of idiosyncratic practices (several of whom are exhibiting together for the first time) the presentation highlights not only their individual practices but in particular the interstitial relationships between the artists/works, whether already existing or potentially possible.

The effects of the ongoing global pandemic has been exemplified in the art world nowhere more acutely than in Hong Kong. As we slowly approach a post covid reality the dramatic shifts in our perceptions of social space are now beginning to take shape. Self-care lifestyles, new domesticity and remote socialization have emerged to redefine contemporary subjectivity and the divisions between our private and public selves. These divisions have been revealed to be not only fragile to exterior forces but also infinitely malleable to serve our current subjective ideals. In art, what this has perhaps resulted in is a reanimation of questions of artistic individuality and/or artistic relations. While the idea of the group show has taken on additional meaning (primarily through the renewed relevance of proximity and locality). High Art’s presentation for Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 aims to draw attention to this juncture. A group show of works which focuses on the reformulation of artistic subjectivity and relationality as it pertains to current notions of proximity.

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