Keith Farquhar

The real Real Marigold Hotel

09 Mar - 13 Apr, 2019. Paris

Exhibition details:
Keith Farquhar
The real Real Marigold Hotel
Mar 9 – Apr 13, 2019

1, rue Fromentin
75009 Paris

After five years of existence High Art has taken part in a total of 30 art fairs. During this time, they’ve become acquainted with one object above all else, the travel adaptor. More often than not while traveling they’ve forgotten to bring their adaptors from home, forcing them to repeatedly buy new ones in every city they travel to, eventually amassing a stockpile. A human error they have yet to streamline.

During the Edinburgh Festival each August, Keith Farquhar rents his apartment on Airbnb. Keith Farquhar’s flat is equipped with a washer and detergent and fabric softener is provided free of charge. The washing machine is an example of automation and some have noted, in hindsight, that it has contributed to deep social change.

Geometric abstraction is an example of art and decoration. It has been present among many cultures throughout history, Islamic art for instance has explored geometric abstraction since the 7th century. There are many points of view for why geometric abstraction was adopted within Islam, some have said it was a way to connect spirituality with science and art and some have said it was a way to avoid idolatry.

The title, The real Real Marigold Hotel comes from a TV program in the UK where OAP celebrities travel to exotic destinations in search of luxury retirement.

There are currently 424 Ikea stores operating in 52 countries.

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