Matt Copson

Restaurant Satyr

20 Oct - 02 Dec, 2023. Arles

Exhibition details:
Matt Copson
Restaurant Satyr
Oct 20 – Dec 9, 2023

1, rue Fromentin
75009 Paris

Restaurant Satyr, 2023 (detail)
Moving head projectors with custom gobos, DMX programming and mixed media installation
Variable dimensions


I’m sick of listening

I’m sick of listening to you complain

What about my allergies?

Just look at me silently

Enjoy my face

God, I can’t stand my own voice either

I asked for recommendation and got the most popular thing

If you were to ask me I’d say this menu is foul

I don’t need to be reminded of poverty

I don’t aspire to be morally elevated

I’ve tried attitudes

And found them all pointless

I just want steak

Hey it’s me

Not good news

Did you hear what I said?

The signal’s bad

Have you heard about my condition?

I wish it upon everyone

So I could be understood better

Where’s my knife?

It must have fallen down here somewhere

Wow, it’s so quiet here

I wish I could live here

I can’t stand one more day of inadequacy

My wife’s a goddess, my child’s a prodigy

I need to sever all ties

Stop crying, darling

It’s not the end of the world

Everyone is here to celebrate you

Is that a drawing of mummy?

Where did you get such a beautiful hand?

Are you thinking about death again?

Are you thinking about my death?

Give us a kiss

Introduce me to you boy as his new daddy

I’ll teach him how to critically assess

And interpret his pictures

When I look at ‘em I see God

He’s a big spider

Fuck, that can’t be him, can it?

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