Masanori Tomita


08 Jun - 22 Jul, 2023. Paris

Exhibition details:
Masanori Tomita
Jun 8 – Jul 22, 2023

1, rue Fromentin
75009 Paris

Connected, then interrupted
Hidden or exchanged
Sometimes not bitten while drinking
Sometimes drinking without biting
Becomes the prey for the eyes
Serves as a supplement for the stomach

There is a place where whispers are heard comfortably
The absence of commotion in front leaves something behind

Something rich passes through the throat and suddenly disappears
Something light transforms into a part of heaviness
Overlaps and becomes softer
Sometimes, when swaying, it becomes rigid
There is too much difference, and balance is maintained
Ideas when adjustments cannot be made
When something is caught, something is released
It is an act of moving a little
It cannot remain still.

“Lamella, I slipped through the cracks and came here.”

The phrase “ラメラ” (Lamella) in the original Japanese expression doesn’t have a clear subject and can be interpreted as a word that represents the act of slipping through the cracks and coming here, rather than something or someone doing it.

However, when translating, the addition of the pronoun “I” in English (“I slipped through the cracks and came here, Lamella”) doesn’t feel completely out of place.

“Moving back and forth, distorting and changing form, a scenery that moves by repeating and vibrating extensively—I swam through all of that, all of it, all of it…”

Conveniently or inconveniently surrounded by interruptions and connections, Bouncing back and responding, while soaking in it,
The choices seem to increase as you notice,
Only to disappear at times,
And go somewhere else.

– Masanori Tomita

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